Organizational Values

Our values ground us in our traditional heritage, while creating a path forward to the vision we hold where the strong, healthy relationship between mother and child is the stable foundation for our communities.

Indigenous Knowledge

Go back to the beginning (Creation Story), spirit centred, honouring the role of life givers, translating to practice, integrity and respect for indigenous knowledge in research.

Cultural Practice

To bring our children home, rely on and have relationship with spirit, connection to water, land, and medicines (e.g., feasts).

Reproductive Justice

Community centred and relationship based.

Strengths Based

Helpers, circle of support, building unquestionable confidence, invest in relationships to support bonding, be intentional and hold the space with integrity.

Combatting Hopelessness and Restoring Hope

Non-stigmatizing language, empowerment through training and systems change, through relationships to nurture trust.


Change through love and kindness.

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